About • Noteworthy Letterpress
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A Bit About Us

My husband Jordan and I (Dani) started Noteworthy in 2010 out of our garage. We had both been in love with letterpress and hands on crafting and thought we would buy a press as a personal hobby. The first press we purchased was our 1938 Chandler and Price. We started by designing and printing some personal projects and pieces for family and friends. Then we began selling some items on Etsy and it all sort of took off from there.

We’ve now had the privilege of collaborating with so many wonderful clients, some we get to meet in person and others from across the globe who we work with solely online. After getting more and more work we decided we could use another more automated press. In 2017 we finally found a Heidelberg Windmill and moved that into the garage next to our C&P. We are now fully equipped to get to work on even more custom letterpress pieces and are excited to see what the future holds for Noteworthy Letterpress.

Creative Director

Jordan Cathey

Jordan has a bachelor's in graphic design and a true passion for art and design. He operates both presses for Noteworthy and loves turning his designs into tactical pieces on the press. Jordan's other hobby is photography which is great for Noteworthy because we have a built in photographer on staff.

Chief Operations Officer

Dani Cathey

Dani has a bachelor's in business marketing and spends most days preparing quotes and responding to emails. She has a love for design and enjoys getting to collaborate with Jordan on custom pieces. She keeps things on track as the project manager for everything going on at Noteworthy.