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Sprinkle Themed First Birthday

The sprinkle themed first birthday invitation was a favorite of ours to design. Not only because it was for our own little girl’s birthday but because the bright colors and sprinkles are so much fun.

The theme of the party came from the idea to have a brunch party with DONUTS! Of course these donuts would have sprinkles for my little girl so the theme was born. I liked the idea of using a CYMK color palette but leaving behind the black since it needed to be bright and fun. Once I conveyed all these party ideas to my husband he started working on a design for the invitation.

The sprinkle invitation is a 4 color letterpress print, using: magenta, cyan, yellow, and light pink ink colors. The copy is minimal so the main focus is on the sprinkle “ONE”. The invitation was designed as a 4×6 single sided card. We used Crane’s lettra 220lb florescent white paper stock. Once printing was completed we finished off the design with a magenta edge paint. The magenta envelope was given a little flare by the addition of a sprinkle liner which was custom designed to match the invitations sprinkle pattern and then digitally printed.

I spent a lot of time on OhHappyDay coming up with fun make at home decorations to match the colorful sprinkle themed party invite. I could not have been more pleased with the end result of this invitation or the party itself.

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